The ALPHA Philosophy

At Alpha, we are dedicated to providing top tier, functional-athletic training to everyone that steps through the door. Our purpose is to build an inclusive community, where ordinary people from all walks of life train to do the extraordinary.

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Alpha is an obstacle course training centre where athletes can prepare for races all year long. Daily classes are based on the race disciplines of speed, strength, agility and endurance, making them ideal for training racers or anyone who wants to get in killer shape.

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Featured in the 2013 Spartan Race, ALPHA’s Platinum Rig is an all-encompassing structure combining ring, monkey bar, rope stations and squat racks.

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Get Alpha Gear

We are proud to present our new line of Alpha branded race and training gear. Show your spirit and get yours.

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Welcome to ALPHA Obstacle Training

It's Bigger Than Fitness

The first and only of its kind in Canada, ALPHA is an indoor training facility dedicated to the sport of obstacle course racing. Each year, more and more people join in the collective thrill and challenge of races like Tough Mudder, The Warrior Dash, Spartan Race and Mud Hero, but don’t always have the space or resources to prepare ahead of time. ALPHA allows athletes to train regularly for races, during the off-season and all year long.

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